Single Engine Blower


It takes on more so you can focus on less.

Proven parts. Compact size. Self-reliant design. The Oshkosh H-Series Single Engine Blower (SEB) is as nimble as it gets. The Oshkosh designed and produced blower head matches vehicle horsepower to max out efficiency.

Oshkosh Snow Products Single Engine Blower

And there's no more managing engine RPM. Oshkosh Work Control syncs the blower with the wheels. So you can throw all your attention at what lies ahead.

Key Features


The Single Engine Blower features a 120" wheelbase to distribute the vehicle weight balance. This distribution brings increased safety, control, and maneuverability to the blower. 


We know how important it is to keep your vehicle running smoothly, that's why we've optimized pressure and flow to improve the life of components. Our shorter-length routings will simplify any service and maintenance, and the large pump size will allow for lower pressures. This will keep the Single Engine Blower running smoother for longer.  


The Oshkosh name is trusted around the world, and has been proven time and time again. The Single Engine Blower leverages axles used in thousands of trucks in service around the world. The Blower head planetary was developed from the battle-proven Oshkosh MTVR, and was even used on the Oshkosh Striker. The Single Engine Blower features a purpose-built Oshkosh drive box that was designed for heavy-duty use. 


With a proven design based on the H-Series Blower, the Single Engine Blower is ready for action. The Blower Head size matches the vehicle horsepower to bring maximum efficiency. Featuring a robust frame specifically designed to clear snow in the worst conditions, the Single Enginge Blower is ready for whatever nature can dish out. 


Rest easy knowing that the Single Engine Blower meets the 2017 EPA emissions standards. This vehicle is power and energy efficient. Thanks to SCR emissions solutions there is no DPF required. 


The all new Oshkosh Work Control™ makes managing power to the blower head and drive wheels as simple as turning a dial. Finally it's easy to focus on blowing snow without having to worry about managing engine RPM. 


Standard Accessories

  • Snow clearing speed of 11 mph (17.7 kph)
  • Travel speed of 30 mph (48.3 kph)
  • 3,000 tons/hour capacity
  • Cast distance of 75-150 ft. (22.9-45.7 m)
  • 102 in. (2591 mm) overall blower head cut width
  • Overall height of 140 in. (3556 mm)
  • 48 ft. wall to wall turning circle when equipped with Oshkosh® ALL-STEER®
  • Wheelbase of 120 in. (3048 mm)
  • Available up to 27,000 lb. (12247 kg) front axle, 23,000 lb. (10433 kg) rear axle
  • Flat cast to the right
  • National Standard Plus air ride driver seat, right of center
  • 55,000 BTU heater/defroster
  • Digital climate control
  • 24V electrical system
  • 12V power outlets (2)
  • USB power plugs (2)
  • Cup holders (2)
  • Electronic engine controls with on-board diagnostics
    integral with Oshkosh® Command Zone™ system
  • Electric remote control heated West Coast type mirrors
  • Fresh air type heater and defroster
  • Light bars
  • Quad electric windshield wipers mounted above
    windshield with intermittent speed control
  • Side window defrosters
  • Tilt-telescoping steering wheel
  • Windshield washer, 6 qt. (5.7 L)
  • Weight transfer
  • Fuel cap total of 230 gal. (870 L)


  • Heated fuel/water separator
  • Fiberglass clam shell design with two doors per side
  • Full-height stainless steel piano-type hinges assure door alignment
  • Wide-open easy access enables routine maintenance inspection safely from the ground
  • Lighted engine enclosure


  • 500hp Scania Tier IV Final SCR
  • Governed RPM - 2,100



  • Hydraulic SAE No. 1 housing, engage/disengage
  • 14 in. (356 mm) 3 plate

Ribbon Auger

  • Hydraulic override and relief
  • Reversible ribbon drive


  • Configured for pneumatic or steel caster wheels
  • Easy service shear flange
  • 70° cutting edge (50° optional)
  • T-1 steel cutting edge
  • Abrasion resistant skid shoes

Cooling System

  • Radiator core – fin and tube type with deaeration system
  • Dual hydraulic cyclonic reservoirs; hydrostatic drive system and blower ribbon hyd
  • Each reservoir has a hydraulic cooler to optimize performance
  • Fan - temperature controlled clutch
  • Spin on coolant filters
  • Silicone radiator and heater hoses

*All specs subject to change


Blower Head

  • Spot casting loading chute
  • Truck loading chute
  • 70° cutting edge (50° optional)
  • Poly cutting edges

Chassis Options

  • Integral A/C
  • Heated windshield
  • Side window wipers
  • “Windshield deluge” 17 gal. (64.4 L)
  • 50° cutting edge
  • ALL-STEER® electronic all-wheel steering

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